Come to see us!
Date : 7 / May / 2017
Time : 20:00
Address : Dotzheimerstraße 37 65185 Wiesbaden (Eingang Zimmermannstr.)
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Fuzz’n’Heavy Live-Show

Kulturkneipe Sabot

Eintritt 5-8€


A brand new trio with musicians coming from different experiences, with an addiction for heavy fuzzy riffs from the Black Sabbath era till the Palm Desert Scene, playng with a garage attitude! But they never forget to riffin’ in a punk mood, constantly surfin in to the retro-psychedelic sky!

Animal Bizarre


This Three-Piece from Wiesbaden brings you a hot desert breeze in a bluesy manner with fuzzy riffs. The warm and enchanting voice perfectly complements their heavy carpet of sound that every addict of Stoner Rock will groove to!

Oh Woman // Animal Bizarre - Legacy
  1. Oh Woman // Animal Bizarre - Legacy
  2. Angel of Death // Animal Bizarre - Legacy
  3. Black Roses // Animal Bizarre - Legacy
  4. Legacy // Animal Bizarre - Legacy