Come to see us!
Date : 31 / Jan / 2018
Time : 19:00
Address : Ackerstrasse 169/170 10115 Berlin

Animal Bizarre + Oddjobmen (rock’n’roll)



well they are working hard and they are spitting out their first out of three e.p.´s called “hook,line and sinker” …and this fellow includes about 4,538 to 5,873 songs. yeah- you are right ….it´s only rock´n´roll, but you will like it.

just taking a look at the record collections of this odd…men: you´ll find bob james, WAR, cpt.beefheart, earth, zappa, sam cooke, the godfathers, buffalo, carsten bohn, shuggie otis and lalo schifrin beside you´re favorite knockers.

so …keep ém employed and they will do a good job. will ya?


Traktor // Animal Bizarre - F.Y.M. EP
  1. Traktor // Animal Bizarre - F.Y.M. EP
  2. Liars // Animal Bizarre - F.Y.M. EP
  3. Gomer // Animal Bizarre - F.Y.M. EP
  4. F.Y.M. // Animal Bizarre - F.Y.M. EP